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Help! My Kids Ask Questions I Don't Know How to Answer

Do you ever find that kids always ask the hard questions when you’re on your own with them? And how it always seems that I’m the one they ask them to?  Why can’t they save at least some of those questions for their dad?! Anyway…  Several weeks ago, I was...

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What happened in the Dominican Republic?

“Here’s the thing though… as much love, beauty, trust and adventure played into the feeling of the DR mission trip, one thing about this week that made it all of what it was, was how Holy Spirit filled and breathed it was. Every morning we were praying hand in hand, and in...

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An Update from the Kellers: Adjusting to Life Overseas

We have been in Italy for 8 months now and time has gone both fast and slow.  Fast in the sense that life happens and weeks pass by quickly. Slow in that life feels different because we receive few items in the mail (and no junk mail, yea!), there is one channel on TV in English plus...

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