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Love and Justice

It’s a common phrase heard by all parents alike, “It’s just not fair.” There’s a part of us that longs for things to be fair, for everyone to get a shot, and for justice to win out. It’s something we look for when we say, “what goes around comes...

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How I Find God's Will by Trying Things Once

I was asked last week to write the next blog. I am guessing for people, that blog a lot, this would be plenty of notice, but for me it was a challenge. My service at the church always seems to be “can you have it done yesterday?“ projects. However I could not pass up the chance to...

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Help! My Kids Ask Questions I Don't Know How to Answer

Do you ever find that kids always ask the hard questions when you’re on your own with them? And how it always seems that I’m the one they ask them to?  Why can’t they save at least some of those questions for their dad?! Anyway…  Several weeks ago, I was...

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