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Something to Run Toward

Our son said that the thing he looks forward to all day is 4:09 pm. You read that right, 4:09 pm…..because that, my friends, is when he is able to sit down and kick back with a life altering game of Fortnite. As I began to feel sorry for him, I ended up feeling sorry for...

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Bring on the Youthquake!

Every year, Oxford Dictionaries selects “a word of the year.” In 2017, they chose youthquake. Youthquake is defined as "a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people."   Youthquake, as a word, exploded in 2017...

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Refusing to Go It Alone

There’s a book written years ago called the “All Better Book”, where children are asked how to solve really big problems. For example: With billions of people in the world, someone should be able to figure out a system where no one is lonely. What do you suggest? Max, age 9...

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