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Adjusting to Life after College

It’s funny looking back now. I remember being a freshman at Moody and having my life figured out. My plan was to meet my future wife that year, and then be married by the end of my sophomore year. That was the plan. There is a pressure at most Christian colleges to get married, or at least...

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Living Life with Hope

At times life has a way of speeding up and before you know it, it becomes overwhelming.  I confess this has been how my summer has unfolded.  I find myself grabbing and holding unto life with an effort trying to keep control.  When there are concerns out of my control and l try to...

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Something to Run Toward

Our son said that the thing he looks forward to all day is 4:09 pm. You read that right, 4:09 pm…..because that, my friends, is when he is able to sit down and kick back with a life altering game of Fortnite. As I began to feel sorry for him, I ended up feeling sorry for...

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