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Does following Jesus make you feel anxious?

In November of 2007, my family and I were making the nearly 2000-mile trip from Boise, Idaho to Indiana. Normally, I love road trips but this one was different. We had taken a giant leap of faith to leave the Northwest to work with Cru's music ministry which is based in Westfield. In addition to...

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What is a LIfe Group?

What is a Life Group? Life group, small group, care group--these church phrases may be a mystery to some. We thought it might be helpful to share what a life group is, what it could look like, and why your family might enjoy being in one.  What is a “Life Group”? Simply put...

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Community & Mental Health

Did you know that mental health experts estimate that 1 in 5 college students struggle with anxiety or depression?[1] In a recent Time magazine article, Katie Reilly reported that in 2017 40% of college students in the US had experienced depression that made it hard to function in the last year...

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