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Loneliness, Lies and a Little Perspective

Justin stubbed his toe playing soccer barefoot.  Now, I am not trying to call out all men here, but Justin’s aliments seem to double in pain compared to mine.  Once he started to complain about his toe, I started to describe in full, graphic detail how I birthed these large...

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Love and Justice

It’s a common phrase heard by all parents alike, “It’s just not fair.” There’s a part of us that longs for things to be fair, for everyone to get a shot, and for justice to win out. It’s something we look for when we say, “what goes around comes...

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How I Find God's Will by Trying Things Once

I was asked last week to write the next blog. I am guessing for people, that blog a lot, this would be plenty of notice, but for me it was a challenge. My service at the church always seems to be “can you have it done yesterday?“ projects. However I could not pass up the chance to...

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