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Why I Hate to Journal

I recently stumbled upon an old journal entry. It was a prayer I’d written during Prayer Week, 2018. Now, before you think journaling is something I do regularly, or that it comes naturally, let me assure you: I hate to journal. One, journaling requires sitting down for an extended period...

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Your Mama Jokes Aren't Funny!

One of the things I’m most grateful for about Janna is that she has an uncanny ability to calm our kids when they’re in their most frantic, inconsolable and irrational places. When they’re sick and miserable, something about the way she cares for them brings relief. I tend to...

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You are Invited! An Opportunity to Help Children

Thirty-some hotdogs and sausages on the grill. Twelve children running in and out of the house, trying to chase the barn cat and jumping on the trampoline. Eight different conversations scattered throughout the kitchen and living room and dining room. One chocolate birthday cake for a foster...

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