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Fundamentals First, Kid!

My 10-year old, Bram, really wants to have an amazing jump shot (we’re talking about basketball here). THIS is what he thinks he looks like. THIS is what the rest of us see. Here’s the challenge: Bram needs to master the fundamentals before he can ever shoot like Klay Thompson (I...

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Steve and Stan

We’re relatively new to the Lebanon community, and because it’s a small town, we’ve had a hard time cracking into the community. It’s an experience like the scene in Dumb and Dumber where Lloyd says to Harry, “I want to go somewhere and meet someone who can plug us...

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Vacation Let Down

Janna says that her favorite version of me is “vacation Justin.” I guess I can’t argue with her. I shut off from my phone, my work and any concerns beyond when/what/where to eat next, should we hang at the beach or pool, should we throw a baseball/football/frisbee, should we...

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