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Keep Going

This past week was rough. Like, this-is-stupid-and-I-hate-everything kind of rough. To be quite honest, I’m a pretty tough cookie. I’m resilient. I know how to persevere. But this week made me tired. Not the exhausted kind of tired. No, we’re talking about being mentally...

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The Tyranny of a Misplaced Pursuit

One of the exercises I ask couples to do as they prepare for their wedding is to write their own vows—or at least pull together the core content. Often, I receive some really wise and thoughtful words. And then sometimes it’s a challenge to work with the raw material I’m given...

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Silence or Something

I have really struggled to find my rhythm—really any rhythm—to allow silence/solitude in my life. I decided to get up at 6am because most mornings the kids don’t get up until 7am.  I pictured myself sitting at the kitchen table with my hot coffee and time; time to...

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