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Emotions Can Be Tricky

Emotions are good but can be a tricky thing. On one hand, we can become obsessed and enveloped by them, losing all perspective. On the other, we can repress and shove them inside us, only to leak out in unhealthy ways. In either case, we  can be driven by them no matter how well intended...

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Keep Going

This past week was rough. Like, this-is-stupid-and-I-hate-everything kind of rough. To be quite honest, I’m a pretty tough cookie. I’m resilient. I know how to persevere. But this week made me tired. Not the exhausted kind of tired. No, we’re talking about being mentally...

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The Tyranny of a Misplaced Pursuit

One of the exercises I ask couples to do as they prepare for their wedding is to write their own vows—or at least pull together the core content. Often, I receive some really wise and thoughtful words. And then sometimes it’s a challenge to work with the raw material I’m given...

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