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We're going to Bosnia!

You often hear us say, that we're about 3 things here at Eagle: Discipleship, Missions and the Next Generation. As our team leaves for Bosnia this week and our student team is in the Dominican Republic, I've been thinking more about Missions and why it's so important to us.  There's the...

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Let's Talk About Grace

Grace.  Gracious.  Grace-filled.  Graceful. When I have pictured people, who are graceful or grace-filled, I have pictured very mild mannered, quiet…you know…the even-tempered type.  That is not me.  I like to call aspects of my personality...

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What We're Reading this Summer

It's officially summer this week, although with most schools getting out and the temperature next to boiling, it's felt like summer for several weeks. Not that I'm complaining, I LOVE summer! One of my favorite things to do is sit outside (or poolside) with a good book to read. So I asked for...

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