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Reframing Our 500lb Lions

Every single person you lock eyes with is going through some great battle—EVERY SINGLE ONE. Benaiah (2 Samuel 23:20-23) gave us a new label: 500lb lion. An addiction that won’t loosen its grip, a marriage that’s spiraling, the loss of a loved one, the longing to conceive a...

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Do you ever doubt God?

You’ve probably all seen it before. It’s a warm summer day and you’re at the pool. You're enjoying the sun and coolness of the water and you see off to the side something amazing happening. A young child maybe three or four years old is about to do the bravest thing he/she has...

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God as Our Healer

Jehovah Rapha = "The Lord who Heals" (Exodus 15:26)  I have noticed that prayer requests for healing are made weekly. I am a living testimony of God’s power to heal today. The Bible says we should share what God does for us, so I wanted to share my healing story with you. A few...

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