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How well do you know your kids?

Over the past several months my husband and I noticed an alarming trend with our 9-year-old son, Jacob. He was turning into a giant couch potato. All he wanted to do was lay around watching videos of grown-ups playing Minecraft or Fortnite on YouTube. (It’s super weird that adults to...

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A Journey of Glory

Are you like me and can't get this song out of your head for the rest of the day when we sing it on Sunday morning? "We go from glory to glory to glory. We'll never be the same, never be the same. You take us higher and higher and higher. We're forever changed, forever changed." (listen...

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Adjusting to Life after College

It’s funny looking back now. I remember being a freshman at Moody and having my life figured out. My plan was to meet my future wife that year, and then be married by the end of my sophomore year. That was the plan. There is a pressure at most Christian colleges to get married, or at least...

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