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Easter Week Prayer Guide

Unprecedented times call for purposeful responses. And what is the most purposeful response of the Church at this time? Prayer. Use this outline as a guide for your time of prayer—but remember it is only a guide! Come with an open heart and open hands. Let the Lord speak to and lead you through the next hour.

Settle In

Find a quiet space, and take a few moments to let yourself become fully present.

  • Let go of any agenda or any unspoken expectation you have for this time. Just be with the
  • Lord. Softly playing a worship song can help bring your heart into focus.

Be Still

Before you begin speaking, sit in silence for a few moments.

  • Picture being in the presence of the Lord. Let any distracting thought that comes into your
  • mind pass on through and release it to the Lord. Every time your mind wanders is an
  • opportunity to come back to Jesus.


Is the Lord prompting any thought or action in your mind?

  • Our silence is an excellent opportunity for the Lord to speak. As you spend time in silence, do you notice Him prompting anything in you? A need to repent? An interaction that needs to be processed with Him, and then released to Him? Grief that needs to be observed in His presence? Let the Lord bring things to mind - and allow yourself the freedom to walk through this time with Him.

Scripture Meditation

Choose one of the following passages to read through slowly, paying attention to words or phrases that the Lord may be using to speak to you. Feel free to read in full or in part.

  • Palm Sunday: Luke 19:28-40
  • Monday: Luke 19:41-48; Isaiah 56:1-8
  • Tuesday: Luke 20; Psalm 118:19-27; Psalm 110
  • Wednesday: Luke 21; Mark 14:1-11
  • Thursday: Luke 22:1-65; Isaiah 50:4-10
  • Friday: Luke 22:66-71; Luke 23:1-56; Psalm 22:1-18
  • Saturday: Luke 23:56; Isaiah 52:13-15; Isaiah 53
  • Easter Sunday: Luke 24; Isaiah 52:7-10


What is the Lord leading you to do?

Based upon your time in silence and in meditation of Scripture, what do you feel the:

  • Lord leading you to do?
  • Respond with gratitude?
  • Respond with repentance?
  • Respond with honest requests?
  • Continue to sit in silence, fully present with the Lord?

Let the Holy Spirit lead you and guide this time.

Pray Over the Next Hour

When your hour is over, please take a few moments to pray for the next hour - knowing that someone in the congregation is following your time of prayer with their own time of prayer.

Keep it Going

Even though your allotted hour is complete, do not let that be the end of your prayer life! The Lord is with you wherever you go. Keep talking to Him while listening for His guidance and direction.