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What is a LIfe Group?

What is a Life Group?

Life group, small group, care group--these church phrases may be a mystery to some. We thought it might be helpful to share what a life group is, what it could look like, and why your family might enjoy being in one. 

What is a “Life Group”?

Simply put, a life group is one practical way to live out Eagle’s motto: More. Together. Everyday. To us, a life group is a community doing life together as they follow Jesus--a small gathering of believers growing in their faith. Sunday morning, while a vital part of life as a believer, often does not give enough time and context for deep relationships. A life group can fill this gap. It’s a place for fellowship, food, prayer, birthday parties, outreach and even tears. 

Along with enhanced community, a life group provides a place to dive deeper into Biblical topics and Christian living. It can be a safe space for questions and concerns surfaced by Sunday’s message. Or perhaps the members want to study Biblical parenting or do an Alpha course together. A life group is a place for meaningful, spiritual relationships in which the members find encouragement and support to grow with Jesus. 

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17

What does a life group look like?

There is no right or wrong answer for how a life group can look! It depends on the preferences and on the variety of members. We have participated in four different groups in our married life and each looked a little different. Some groups took turns providing dinner while other groups did a pitch-in and still another had coffee and snacks. Some groups met every week, some every other. One group paid for a babysitter, while another group just threw the kids in the basement with a movie (and prayed for the best!). We let the life group be unique to the members’ schedules, needs and quirks. While the details will be different for each group, what’s important is that believers are doing life together.

Why would my family enjoy a life group?

Perhaps you’re wondering why your family should add “life group” to your already-busy week. While certainly not the answer for everyone, a life group can be a great blessing. Imagine walking into church on Sunday morning and waving to your people across the atrium or receiving an encouraging text during the week as prayer requests are shared or a life group friend showing up to watch your kids when you need a sitter for a family emergency. Imagine a place where your faith can flourish. Truly, a life group can provide a consistent place for connection and growth with thriving community and more of Jesus.

To recap, here is a snapshot of a life group (see Acts 2:42-47):

  • Connecting often with other believers

  • Growing in faith together

  • Enjoying food together

  • Supporting each other’s needs

  • Growing the Kingdom of God

Would you consider joining a life group? We have a place for you! Email Julia at for more information.

Bryce and Jana Langebartels have attended Eagle Church together for ten years, and they are passionate about being involved in and supporting life groups. You can usually find them wrangling their five children, taking care of thirty-two chickens, or sneaking away for a kayak date.