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White Privilege, Diversity, and Jesus

A few months back, our Eagle Students team felt led to dive into a tough topic, spurred on by our mandate to love God and love others well. The venue: a Second Sunday lunch to address white privilege, diversity, and Jesus. As a 100% white team, we knew we could hardly adequately address this...

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6 Things You Can Do To Help Ease Anxiety In Children

Have you ever felt more helpless as a parent than when you can't fix something for your child? When they fall down and get hurt, or when someone says something mean to them that stings even more? Parenting is HARD! Especially in today's times, it seems there are things we have to consider as...

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Recognizing God's Faithfulness Throughout My Life

“You should come to Eagle students’ winter retreat! You can go skiing and meet some new people!”  I heard this several times before I finally committed to go… Leaving home to go to a cabin in the winter with a bunch of people I didn’t know? Going with a...

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