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Not If, But When

Have you any burdens? Have you any hunger? Have you any thirst? If you answer yes, then I suppose you’re alive and the Holy Spirit is at work drawing you to the Father, so that’s good news! Burdens, hunger, and rest are good things and normal things. It seems that it’s not a...

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What are Sacred Rhythms and why should I care?

When I first heard the term “Sacred Rhythms” I thought this sounds ridiculous and hokey and I basically just wrote it off. You see, I grew up in a tradition that taught me that time spent with Jesus looked a lot like doing homework. You, or your bible study group, picked a book of...

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Is there more to the Christian life?

It’s not often you hear life altering wisdom from a teenager, better yet a fictional one.  Yet it was the 1980’s icon Ferris Bueller who first introduced me to the practice of reflection.  As Ferris prepared for what would be an epic day off school, he said, life moves...

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