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His Way is Never in Vain

Psalm 73: His Way is Never in Vain Surely! Surely God is good to those who are pure (v1). Have you ever wrestled with this? Things are going well and you’re keeping your mind on good things (Philippians 4:8). Yet then it seems like all the “bad guys" keep gaining and you’re...

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Different Perspectives on Camp

Growing up, I went to church camp every summer since the 4th grade.  The first year I went to camp, I accepted Jesus into my heart.  Honestly, this first camp was not all that great. (For our evening activity, we would go snipe hunting!  Yep, look it up.)  However, Jesus met...

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Ignite: I Can't Wait

Camp is transformative. I go to camp as an adult leader each year, not because I love not sleeping for a week, or that the food is so amazing, or even that I enjoy supervising middle and high school students on a 4-hour bus ride. No – those are reasons NOT to go to camp. As an adult...

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