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Recognizing God's Faithfulness Throughout My Life

“You should come to Eagle students’ winter retreat! You can go skiing and meet some new people!”  I heard this several times before I finally committed to go… Leaving home to go to a cabin in the winter with a bunch of people I didn’t know? Going with a...

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Eagle Kids: Making an Eternal Difference

As a little girl, I would always get excited when I saw the big white church bus go by.  I thought it looked so fun!  My parents didn‘t go to church at that time, so my brother and I asked if we could ride the bus to church so we could go. When they said yes, it felt like all my...

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When Mission Comes Home

The training meetings, the packing, the anticipation and excitement, the prayer… These are typical mission trip precursors. This year though, I was especially excited to bring some of our students to the city I call home: Chicago. I was totally one of those teenagers that would say...

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