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Who are we becoming?

If you have been around the Eagle Church community for any length of time, we often remind ourselves that God is more concerned with who we are becoming, than how much we know—the “with God” life. We also talk about the kinds of habits that help us live that kind of life...

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Discipleship as a Way of Life

Discipleship as a way of life…Eagle Church…are you ready? I love relationships! My family would say that I love to talk, especially on Sunday mornings after church. Haha. But truly, I love to listen and talk! Mostly, I LOVE to LOVE! I have a passion to encourage others in their...

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Krispy Kremes and Fit Bits

A couple weeks back, I had to stop to fill up my car. When I went in to pay, it happened... My eyes caught the ever-lurking stand of Krispy Kreme donuts that always wages war with my best intentions. Once again, my intentions lost (in my defense, they were running a special - buy one, get the...

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