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Friendship Goals!

A year ago, I was convinced I was the only woman who didn’t have a “crew” or “squad goals”.  I was a social media bystander, scrolling through the coffee dates, pitch-ins and inside jokes all while I was struggling through a few of the hardest relational years...

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Is ministry just for the young?

Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness. – Proverbs 16:31   I’ve been thinking about aging lately. Specifically, how growing older is supposed to be a gift to be celebrated. Want to take a guess at what the most spiritually productive decade...

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The Kellers Arrive in Italy!

We made it! On Sunday, October 8, we finally arrived in Italy! The long airline trip went well and we were amazed by God’s graciousness during the journey: We had three more bags than we were allotted but the airline only charged us for one. Since we were a family, we were allowed to board...

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