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Everyday Life

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Finding Financial Contentment

Contentment. Lack of contentment. Those are such loaded words, aren’t they? In certain circumstances, a feeling of discontent can be a great motivator. On a cultural level, our country was founded because of a lack of contentment with the way things were. But when it comes to personal...

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The Hardest Day

Today was our last day with the kids. We spent the morning and afternoon wrapping up our projects around the home. The concrete floor in the outdoor kitchen was as good as it could get, but we still had a little work to do on the home. We finished installing wood paneling on the inside of the...

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Christmas in Kenya

We had a special privilege while at the children's home this week. We brought the kids the very first presents they had ever received! Can you even imagine that? But it wasn't all fun and games. As we began to hand out the bags of presents to the children, the kids began to wonder what was...

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