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Advent Scripture Readings, Week 4

We've made it to week 4 of our Advent Scripture Readings! If you've stuck with them individually, or as a family, congrats! If you're just finding them, welcome! We're glad you're joining us for the last week of Advent. We've enjoyed reading Scripture together the past few weeks and are eagerly...

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Advent Scripture Readings, Week 3

How are you enjoying the Advent Scripture Readings? I hope you're finding that they help to focus you on the substance of the Christmas season. We're excited to jump into our third week! Monday: Mark 13:1-13, 24-37 Tuesday: Luke 21:25-36 Wednesday: Revelation 1:1-8 Thursday: Ezekiel...

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I'm going to Kenya!

Wow. As I write this I am 45 days away from departing on my very first mission trip. Ever. Not to an inner city, not to South America, not to a destination that is just a short plane ride away. But to Kenya. Kenya as in Africa. That will be over 20 hours in travel time. That I decided to apply...

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