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Guard Your Heart

Proverbs 4:23
Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.
We have a role to play in caring for our heart. Jesus is the lead shepherd of our hearts but he’s entrusted us to play a role in shepherding our own heart…hence the directives in Scripture like Proverbs 4:23.
How do we guard our heart in this current cultural moment, where the atmosphere is thick with fear, hate, anger, division and despair?

A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Julia Davis | Colossians 3:1-25

September 13, 2020


Against Despair

Eric Simpson | 2 Corinthians 1:8-10

September 6, 2020



Eric Simpson | 1 John 2:9-11

August 30, 2020



Eric Simpson | John 14:27-

August 23, 2020