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Celebrity is a series that looks at celebrated, famous people in Scripture, and what they show us about following Jesus.

February 25, 2018


Karen Ehrstine

February 18, 2018


Ian Black

February 4, 2018


Ian Black | Psalms 51:1-12


Eagle Students Middle School Series January, 2018

January 21, 2018


Karen Ehrstine

January 14, 2018


Julia Davis

January 7, 2018


Ian Black

Jesus Said, What?!

People talk about Jesus a lot—where He was born, how He grew up, the miracles He performed. Almost everyone has an opinion about Him and the things He said while He lived on earth. But what did Jesus actually say? And what did He mean by what He said?

November 19, 2017

Final Words

Brad Shearer

November 12, 2017

A Near Death Experience

Ian Black

November 5, 2017

JSW: I Am...

Ian Black


We respond to all kinds of things in many ways: a cute picture of a baby, a funny video, your favorite team scoring a game winning touchdown. But how do we respond to God?

October 29, 2017

Worship Matters Part 2

Ali King

October 22, 2017

Worship Matters Part 1

Brad Shearer


October 15, 2017


Julia Davis

October 8, 2017


Karen Ehrstine

October 1, 2017


Brad Shearer


In this series, we take a look at what made God the GOAT (Greatest. Of. All. Time.) and how we can follow Him.

September 24, 2017

G.O.A.T. - What is God Up To? 2

Karen Ehrstine

September 17, 2017

G.O.A.T. - What is God Up To?

Julia Davis

September 10, 2017

G.O.A.T. - What is God Like?

Ian Black

September 3, 2017

G.O.A.T. - Trinity

Brad Shearer

Talk To Me

Talk To Me - Middle School Series in the Loft

July 30, 2017

Talk to Me - Week 3

Ian Black

July 16, 2017

Talk to Me - Week 2

Ben Darge

July 9, 2017

Talk to Me - Week 1

Karen Ehrstine