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Press On

Recently, I went downtown to meet some friends. I had an appointment downtown beforehand, so I had a free parking spot—a mile away. I made the decision to enjoy the summer night and walk the mile to the place where I would meet my friends. Hours later, it was time to walk back to my car. My phone was nearly dead, so I did not use my GPS. I mean, I knew where I was going didn’t I? I started walking in the direction I believed my car was while savoring the city at night. After a half hour, I noticed I was not near anything I recognized, and of course, my phone was at 1% battery. I had one shot to figure out what to do. If I pulled up the maps app, I needed to study it fast before my phone died. Since time was ticking away, I decided to do it. I quickly learned my car was nearly a mile away in a totally different direction. As I stood there on an unfamiliar sidewalk, I didn’t want to move. I wanted to just be at my car. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. The only way I could get to my car was to press forward one step at a time. In the midst of the frustration, in the midst of the challenges, I finally had my destination set, and I needed to press forward.

As we consider living a life of more, together, every day, the question could be asked “what should I do now?” Hosea 6:3 tells us when the Old Testament prophet writes, “Let us press on to know the Lord.”

So what should you do now? Press on. Take that next step to know God more. Maybe you need to be intentional about spending time with God or go deeper in Bible study. It could be time for you to get plugged into a Life Group. Perhaps you need to have a weekly kingdom responsibility in the church. There could be someone you need to encourage or share your faith with. Whatever that next step is, take it. Don’t worry about how long the journey is or what you might face. Take one step at a time and be confident the destination is worth the journey.

I made it to my car and I got home with a story to tell. I learned a lot during that journey, and I am thankful for it. May God give you grace as you press forward one step at a time.