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I want, so I take. I take and consume. I consume and am filled. Yet somehow I am full of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction then increases desire. The cycle repeats.  If I think what I crave is what I need, then I may be a fool. There will always be something else, something more...

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Advent is to Christmas what Lent is to Easter. It’s a period of preparation, of anticipation, of expectation. It has a bi-directional element to it—we look back at Jesus’ entry into humanity (incarnation) and we look ahead to his promised return. Looking back reminds us that...

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Immerse in Scripture

Many of you were a part of trying a new way of scripture immersion with us this fall. Using a new reading Bible called “Immerse”, over 100 of us read the entire new testament using a special reader’s edition that looks and feels like reading letters, songs and stories. It is...

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