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2023-24 Preschool Information

School Calendar:

2023-24 School Calendar


2023-24 School Supply Lists:

Click on the links below to view your child's class list:

18 Month Supply List

2 and 2.5 Year Supply List

3 Year Supply List

4 and 4.5 Year Supply List


2023-24 Aftercare Information:

Click here to view our aftercare information


Paperwork Due by Open House:

Vaccination Records or Religious Exemption

Nap Policy (18 months to 3 years) to be filled out at Open House





Frequently Asked Questions Packet


FAQ's about our 2023-24 school year:


Tuition will be taken out the first Tuesday of each month beginning August 15th, 2023 and ending May 7th, 2024.





1) We offer curbside drop off and curbside pick-up beginning in August. Links to sign up will be listed for each month on the website under our resources page. This sign-up will be available for the entire year with monthly deadlines in place. These payments are non-refundable.


2) Please use the link below to sign up for August curbside. The sign-up will close on August 9th, 2023. If this is a service that you know you will want for the entire year, feel free to sign up for those months now. 


2) Payment will be per family. If carpooling, each family participating must sign-up separately. When a family with multiple children participates, please sign up with your oldest child's program in mind. If you sign up, you will receive a car window sign in your child's folder. A map is on the back of the sign to show you where to pull up. Signs of all families in the car must be displayed to ensure proper pick-up/drop-off. If you sign up for August curbside, you will receive your car window sign at Open House.


Morning Curbside Drop-off Only: Children enrolled in 2 days - $20

Children enrolled in 3 days - $30


Afternoon Curbside Pick-up Only: Children enroll in 2 days - $20

Children enrolled in 3 days - $30


Bundle Drop-Off and Pick-Up: Children enrolled in 2 days - $35

Children enrolled in 3 days - $55


3) A strict window of time for drop-off and pick-up will be followed. Times have been adjusted to help provide a safer environment for families when walking to and from their cars in the parking lot. Please be aware of pedestrians at all times.


Morning Curbside Drop-Off: 9:05-9:10 am

Half-Day Curbside Pick-Up: 12:20-12:25 pm

Full-Day Curbside Pick-Up: 2:50 – 2:55 pm



Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

Upon arrival, please wait in our downstairs lobby area by the playground. At 9 am, a staff member will come and remove our stop sign. At that time, you are welcome to walk your children to their classroom. Children will be greeted at the classroom door. We understand and expect that some kiddos will be sad those first few days of school. We ask that you reassure your kiddo, give a quick hug and kiss, and say goodbye. Trust your teaching team! We got this!


Dismissal will take place at your child's classroom door at 12:30 for half-day students and 3 pm for full-day students. Please be prompt.