NT Journey 2012

Since God is primarily revealed in a book.  Knowing Him is going to involve book-work, specifically immersion in the God-breathed book.  So, in 2012 we’re immersing ourselves in the New Testament text.  How?  We’re all going to be on the same reading plan (The One-Year Bible), we’re going to align our Sunday AM worship services around the NT texts for that week, we’re going to encourage our small groups to gather around those same texts, we’re going to align our student ministries (both surge & impact) to the same reading plan and teaching schedule, and we’re going to synch up our Young Adults ministry to the One-Year Bible.  It’s the power of alignment.  We’re committed to building trees as a church, Psalm 1 style.  The NT Journey was launched on January 1, 2012 with the message “Life…Make It Count”.  Listen here.

Tips & Tools for Sticking With It…

One Year Reading Plan

Small Group Guides